What to expect

We host you, train you, and give you a job! What more could you ask for? Living and working in another country is a big deal! It takes courage and determination, but it doesn’t need to be difficult! WTT understands all the questions going on in your head before you even have them, security and having a plan is exactly what you need.

So you think your ready to work abroad? Great, we are here to help. Whether you need to pay college loans/debt OR you just want to work, travel, and thrive you should visit the place of choice first.



Many countries require a visiting permit known as a VISA. This allows you to enter the country but it limits your stay and your actions within the country.

Work Travel Thrive will register you for the proper visa to visit and/or work in the country of choice with no worries!


No matter where you are coming from you can rest assured that your travel will be convenient and affordable.

Work Travel Thrive will work with you and your schedule to make sure you arrive simply and safely and we will meet you at the gate as well!


Nothing beats a place like home and we want you to be comfortable while your visiting.

Work travel Thrive will host you in one of our amazing apartments with others just like you to start you off with friends abroad!


Knowing the area like a local before you decide to move is the formula for success.

Work Travel Thrive is your personal tour guide for site seeing, shopping, entertainment and living resources during your stay!


You don’t need previous work experience in the field of choice when applying for many jobs abroad but you need to be confident and reassured.

Work Travel Thrive certifies and trains every candidate during their visit to prepare them for interviewing with your future employer!


You already have a job waiting for you and we will set that up before you even arrive!

Work Travel Thrive sets you up wit interviews and eager employers who have already seen you and want to offer you a position during your visit!


Once you have gone through your 1 week visit, training, and job offers we will set you up with your next trip to your new home!

Work Travel Thrive has banks, apartments, grocery stores, transportation, and all creature comforts all ready for you so you can come with ease!


So what are you waiting for! Contact us today to get started on your new life abroad and begin the quick and easy application process.

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